John Weston Group



Partnership with the Polish Children Foundation

The aim of this initiative, which will have a positive impact on the lives of millions of Polish children, was to develop a new brand strategy using the innovative and multi-stage "The Black Horse Method"

John Weston Group has become a partner of the Foundation. Work on the project included pro bono activities in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The brand strategy was developed using stages:

BE ON THE SAME PAGE – BRIEFING: development of vision and goals, competition analysis, audit of projects and target groups.
THE BLACK HORSE METHOD WORKSHOP: creativity and strategic thinking workshops.
CEO MESSAGE: message from the foundation's president to beneficiaries.
CREATIVE STRATEGY PRESENTATION: presentation of the creative strategy.
CREATIVE STRATEGY EVALUATION: evaluation of strategies for further improvement.
CREATIVE IDEAS PRESENTATION: revealing the innovations shaping the future.
CREATIVE STRATEGY PLAN: a comprehensive strategic action plan.
EXECUTION PLAN, SCHEDULES AND BUDGETS: map of the implementation of the new strategy.
EVALUATION SESSION: assessment of the effectiveness of activities.